World Class Chess Board

Dragonfly Beach

$ 1,500.00

The game of kings should be played on a board fit for a king.  That is exactly what you will have with this handcrafted chess board.  I actually hesitate calling it a "board" because it is so much more than that.  It is a one of a kind, stand alone piece of art that can carry its weight as the focal point for any room.
The cabinet is 21 3/8 inches long and wide, 6 3/8 inches tall and weighs an impressive 50 1/2 pounds.  The stone and resin detail that surrounds the board will draw admiring eyes in from across the room.  The tile field which is made up of black granite and white marble squares flips up on solid brass hinges to reveal a removable tray for your favorite pieces. 

The tray's features make it a display piece all its own.  Its finger joined corners, two toned staining, regal purple velvet fabric lining, and antique finish brass handles were all meticulously chosen to complement each other in both form and function.

If your breath hasn't been taken away yet, lift the piece tray out of the cabinet and check out the lid to the lower compartment.  Functionally, the lid is milled to provide a "seat" for the tray.  Aesthetically, the lid is adorned with a multidimensional maritime star that will get a "wow" from your playing partners every time you reveal it.  Pull up on the lid's knob and reveal a lower compartment lined in the same regal purple fabric as the tray.

Honestly, I lost track of how many hours went into this creation, and I will undoubtedly shed a tear when it's gone, but I also can't wait to share it with someone who will give it a good home.  If you were ever on that search for a that special something for that special someone who already has everything ... they don't have one of these.

Hopefully this description and the pictures give you enough to go by, but if you have any questions about this piece or would like to discuss commissioning something else, I would love to chat with you.  Please drop me an email anytime.

Please contact me for shipping rates outside of the US Thank you.

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