Custom Surfboard Coffee Table with Removable/Interchangeable Top - FREE SHIPPING within the U.S.

Dragonfly Beach

$ 750.00

Ok, this... is... awesome! Set this in front of your couch and it won't matter if you live in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida or Bismark, North Dakota; you'll feel like the ocean is right outside your door.

And this is no ordinary coffee table. I wanted to design something that was truly unique and versatile so what I came up with was just that. Not only will I make your table in any color and design you would like, but I'll make you as many different table tops as you would like as well. Display the ones you're not using on the wall while you proudly display one atop the table.

Oh, and did you notice in the pictures that when you remove the surfboard top, you reveal a beautiful, yet smaller table top underneath! Use this one when you need just a little more wiggle room around the table or just for a change of pace.

The wood slats at the base of the table give you a great "beachy" place to store stuff and there's also a cool rope cleat handled drawer inside the table top giving you some additional storage for your coasters, playing cards, remote controls or whatever.

The surfboard top is attached by a set of strong neodymium magnets making it sturdy while in use, but very easy to remove or switch out.

I can make yours just like the one pictured or I will make it to any color and design specs you want to throw at me. For the one in the pictures I used a combination of contrasting stains, woodburning a little color and some great inlay to bring it to life.

For the listing price, yours will include everything you see in this one. The base with a drawer and beautifully designed top, and one surfboard top. I'll make as many additional surfboard tops as you would like for $150 each.

Well I could go on and on about this piece, but let's you and I do that together. Order yours today or drop me a line so we can talk about what you'd like yours to look like. (dimensions pictured are approximately 52" long x 18" tall x 19" wide and are completely customizable)


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